"Means’ new album, Sidewalk Astronomy, is unquestionably the most enigmatic, wildly original and provocative album I have heard all year (and possibly in the last half decade)....This is pure gold if I’ve ever heard it, and you’d be hard pressed to find anything released in 2018 thus far that has the chops to stand up to what Means has produced in this elegant masterpiece."  

- No Depression Magazine

"Clare Means' 'Everybody's Room But Mine' earned her an honorable mention recently in our lyric contest.  Listen to it and you'll instantly know why."

-American Songwriter Magazine

"The 11-track masterpiece Sidewalk Astronomy is full of Americana-roots rich gems. She’s an amazing singer-songwriter. Means weaves hopelessness, loss of family, love and every-day life into delicious wordsmith stews...Fans of Regina Spektor, Dolly Parton, The Pierces, Dixie Chicks, Arlo Guthrie and Malvina Reynolds will totally embrace Clare Means."

-Skope Magazine

“Her latest offering, Sidewalk Astronomy, debuted today at #1 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts, and that’s no fluke. It is impossible to truly put her sound into a box, as Clare Means is her own genre, truly unique from the myriad of singer-songwriters who have come through the City of Angels. Her songs ring of the old adage “Three Chords and the Truth.”

-LA Music Critic

"Today, TDC is honored to premiere the break your heart wide open ballad, "Guts." Led by reverb-drenched guitars, aching strings, and Means' ethereal vocals, delivering lyrics with wrenching honesty, "Guts" hits the emotional bullseye delivering crystal clear realizations about toxic relationships, the need to let go, and a love that ceases to fade despite the circumstances."

-The Daily Country Magazine

Clare Means' voice ranges from a mere flicker to full-on conflagration; there's always a little smoke there, as if she's been singed, or done some singeing herself. Her album, "War for Love" isn't so much all-out combat as it is a lyrical boxing match---Means' nimble wordplay has been her calling card since she released her debut album "White Bamboo."




Clare Means' latest album, Sidewalk Astronomy, debuted at #1 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts and #66 on the iTunes All Genres Chart.

It is a cohesive patchwork of musings on life in Los Angeles, love, forgiveness, and the recent loss of her estranged father. As Clare says, "Most of the songs on Sidewalk Astronomy were written over the course of a couple years and were sparked by a variety of moments in my life... the day I found out my father was sick, when I fell in love, when I knew my relationship was doomed, when I got my heart broken, the day my father died, and when I woke up from a strange dream about sheep."  Clare’s quirky take on life is fresh and comforting at the same time. 

Part of what makes Clare stand out as a performer is the unconventional path she has taken. Always a hustler, Clare made a name for herself as one of LA's most popular, hardest working street performers. She built a dedicated following by being one of the very few performers to perform almost exclusively original music. While most depend on covers to stop foot traffic, Clare learned to work on her songwriting craft and challenged herself to capture audiences using her own songs. 

In September of 2015 Clare began live streaming her daily performances on Periscope. She became one of Periscope's most watched musicians and made it onto the Periscope trending list multiple times and gained over 100,000 followers on the app. Over the past 5 years Clare has toured the US and Europe. Now she live streams on various platforms including Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Clare's performances were featured on the front page of Reddit and Twitch (gaining over a million views) multiple times in 2022 and 2023. 

Clare has also been featured in many popular online blogs and magazines including BillboardNo Depression, PopMatters, PitchforkAmerican Songwriter MagazineBuzzbands LA and Digital Music News.  Also, you may have read about her and her live streaming success in the top selling books How To Make It In The New Music Business: Practical Tips On Building a Loyal Following and Making a Living As A Musician (Editions 1 and 2). 

Clare's journey in music was also featured in an award winning documentary called "The Street Performer" which was shown at film festivals across the United States. It'll be released on YouTube in the fall of 2023. 

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